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Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited ("TMT", "we", "us" or "our") recognizes the importance of protecting your Personal Data (as defined below). In this Privacy Policy ("Policy") there are descriptions about the collection, use, disclosure and / or transfer of your Personal Data obtained from various sources to other countries including your rights and practical guidelines about the said information.


1.          About us

TMT is the data controller who collects, discloses and transfers your Personal Data to foreign countries.

TMT is a juristic person established under the laws of Thailand. Its head office is located at 186/1 Moo.1, Old Railway Road, Samrong Tai Sub-district, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan Province 10130.

TMT is part of the Toyota family around the world and is one of the most important manufacturers of Toyota. The objective of the business is to produce and distribute passenger cars and commercial vehicles within Thailand and exports them for sale in various countries worldwide. This includes the after-sales services such as car maintenance, special campaign/benefits giving and other related services for the most benefit and satisfaction of the customers and general public. In addition, TMT is in the process of preparing for a challenging journey by transforming the businesses into the "Mobility Company” that will serve as the center of Toyota's main Asian operations. This can be achieved by using technology as part of the sales and service provisions.


2.          Contact Us

If you have inquiries or want to exercise your rights pursuant to this Policy, please contact us on the website ( or using the contact information specified below.

        Send us an email to: [email protected]

        Call us at : Customer Contact Center 1486 24/7 service


3.          What are Personal Data?

"Personal Data" means any information that can directly or indirectly identify a person but excludes the information of a particular deceased.


4.          What Personal Data Are Collected?

4.1   The Personal Data that we collect depends on your relationship with us and the services or products you need from us. Below are parts of the types of the Personal Data about you that we may collect, use, disclose and / or transfer abroad.

(A)   Personal Details such as name prefix, name, surname, gender, age, occupation, work position, work place, education, nationality, date of birth, marital status, information on government-issued cards (such as identification card number, passport number, tax identification number, information of car driver's license, etc.), signature, sound recording, recording of telephone conversations, photos, CCTV footage, house registration, and other identification information.

(B)   Contact Details such as address, telephone number, fax number, location information, email address, LINE ID, Facebook account, Instagram ID and other IDs from social online networking websites.

(C)   Car Details such as vehicle serial number, license plate number, car brand, model, year, color, engine number, car body number, car type, mileage, battery, voltage, oil level, braking wear, location and movement data (such as time, position, speed), car insurance details, decorative set/devices, details of accessories for Connected Service (such as SIM card, transceivers), car registration booklet, car inspection document, detailed information received from the use of Connected Services, GPS data and car location, car history report and other related information of car.

(D)   Financial Details such as credit and debit card information, account number and type of account, PromptPay information, current assets, income and expenses, and other financial information.

(E)   Transaction Details such as payment details, date and / or time of payment, payment amount, payment method, details about refunding, registration, interests,  down payments, installment payment amounts and total number of installments, date and place of purchase of the product or service, address / date and time of car delivery, application form for services, preemption document, booking receipt, receiver signature, financial receipt, invoice, transaction, transaction history, transaction status, and other details of the services or products you purchase.

(F)   Marketing and Communication Details such as your choice to receive marketing information from us, affiliates, business partner companies, and your communication options.

(G)   Details of Target Customers such as codes of target customers, cars and car colors that are currently used, test drive information, car purchase plans, cars for your interest, models for your interest, record of tracking information (such as information about visits to car service center, booking information) sources (for example, from visiting car service centers, current customers’ advise to visit motor shows, social online networking websites), reasons of no sale close, and your interest in TMT activities.

(H)   Profile Details such as Connected Services user account, login name or application user name (such as T-Connect Application), history of use of our services and products, photos, contact history, complaint history, your interests, demands, feedbacks, and answers in the satisfaction questionnaire.

(I)     Technical Details such as the Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type and version, your search behavior and style, cookies, device ID, device model and device type, duration and location of access.


4.2   If you provide Personal Data of any other person such as name, surname, address details and telephone number for emergency contact to us or family members who use your car, you must ensure that you have the authority to do so and we are legally permitted to use their Personal Data in accordance with this Policy. Please give this policy to those people for their acknowledgment and / or to request for their consent (or use other legal bases as an exception to consent) to deliver such data to us in pursuance of this Policy.


4.3   We will not use the sensitive Personal Data such as race, ethnic origin, political opinions, beliefs in sect, religion or philosophy, sexual behavior, criminal history, health information, disability, labor union information, genetic information, biological information, etc., except in the cases where the law requires us to do so or when you give your explicit consent.


You must ensure that all Personal Data provided are complete, accurate and true.


5.          Methods of Receiving and Collecting Personal Data

We may receive and collect your Personal Data via the following means.

(A)   Personal Data you provide to us:  You may provide your personal information directly to us. It usually occurs when you contact us for information, fill out online forms or fill out documents, subscribe membership or register to receive or request for information about our products, services, or campaign/benefits, or when you post feedback to us.

(B)   Personal Data we collect from you automatically: We may collect certain technical data about your device and your search behavior and style which are collected through Cookies and other similar technologies, for which we will notify you before use.

(C)   Personal Data obtained from third parties: We will sometimes receive your Personal Data from others, such as affiliate companies, dealers of Toyota, Lexus and Toyota Sure, our service providers or our business partner companies if those companies are authorized to disclose your Personal Data to us in accordance with their privacy policies and / or which you have given consent to disclose the data to those persons, as the case may be.


6.          Objectives and Legal Bases of Personal Data Collection, Use and Disclosure

6.1   We collect, use and disclose the Personal Data for the following purposes (collectively called “Purposes”).

(A)   To provide products and services to you: To manage, enter into the agreement and perform our duties under it or any obligations whatsoever we share with you or the organization you represent, such as booking a test drive, car delivery, complying with the product purchase agreement, services related to payment which includes verification, confirmation, and cancellation of transactions, product warranty, insurance negotiation and other insurance related services, registration of services relating to cars and other services, delivery of welcome package, after sales services such as maintenance and car repair reservations; to determine your car's location, Connected Services provision to you such as the navigator system, the emergency assistance service, facilitation and problem solving services, service center appointments along with checking the repair history and car information; to consider loan offerings and credit scores; to process payment results, issue receipts, overdue amounts, invoices, and proof of purchase; to buy or sell used cars or offer auctions for car tenders; to inform you about car recalls, benefits including other services provided by us and dealers of Toyota, Lexus and Toyota Sure as a service provider or when receiving request from you, for instance.

(B)   Registration and identity verification: To conduct examination and verification of your identity in the registration and requests to receive our services.

(C)   To improve the business operations, products and services: To make assessment, analysis, management, improvement, research, planning, surveying and statistical analysis in order to develop the quality system and safety of our products and services, such as product satisfaction, satisfaction about the product sales or services of Toyota, Lexus and Toyota Sure car dealers so as to evaluate the effectiveness of our products, digital media and marketing campaigns, consuming modes and trends, behavior, etc., including the information about your preferences and interests in our products or services or to create aggregated and anonymous reports so as to learn about the problems and solutions or the staff training and the employee performance evaluation for businesses, products and services improvement.

(D)   To manage relationships with you: To communicate with you about the products and services you receive from us, affiliated companies, dealers of Toyota, Lexus and Toyota Sure, our service providers or from our business partner companies in order to give alerts that includes the notice about car registration or insurance expiry; to process and update your information as our member; to provide information about your car, prepare travel reports and check car status and information so as to maintain relationships with our customers; to facilitate you to use the products and services; and to provide assistance, coordinate, listen to opinions or answer questions related to our products and services.

(E)   Marketing and communication: To conduct a marketing analysis, provide information, news, public relations, communication, provide privilege, to send you invitations to participate in our activities and provide sale promotion of our products or services and / or dealers of Toyota, Lexus and Toyota Sure, Affiliated Companies of Toyota as well as Our Service Providers via our contact channels and your contact channels which provided to us; websites, email, telephone, fax, mail, SMS, MMS or various social online media, etc.

(F)   Information technology management: To manage the information technology operations, the communication systems, the information technological security and inspection as well as the safety and security examination of the business management for the compliance with the internal policies and procedures.

(G)   Compliance with laws: To comply with laws, rules, regulations, orders, requirements and our legitimate duties.

(H)   Risks: To administer risks, check the performances and assess the risks.

(I)     Protecting our interests: To maintain safety through various means such as photography and video recording so as to exercise our rights and protect our interests when necessary and at law, for example, to detect, prevent and respond to complaints; to manage and prevent property loss; and to detect and prevent offenses within our premises or computer systems.

(J)    Fraud Detection: To prove your identity and to check compliance with laws and other regulations (such as to comply with money laundering and corruption prevention and suppression regulations) including doing the internal audits and records, property management, database on corruption, systems and other business controls.

(K)   Corporate transactions: In the case of sales, transfers, mergers, business rehabilitation or any other similar case, we may send or transfer your data to one or more third parties as part of that process.

(L)    Life: To prevent or suppress danger to one's life, body or health.


6.2   We collect, use, disclose and / or transfer your Personal Data under any of the following rules or legal bases.

(A)   To comply with the laws that we are subject to.

(B)   To comply with the agreements you or the organization you represent are a agreement party with us or to use in fulfilling your request before entering into that agreement.

(C)   It is necessary for the legitimate interests of us and the third parties.

(D)   To prevent or stop danger to life, body or health of individuals.

(E)   To promote public benefits of the populace missions or the exercise of rights of government officials.

(F)   In the event that we need your consent for certain activities related to the collection, use or disclosure of your Personal Data, we will ask for it before using your Personal Data.


6.3   In the event that we may use your Personal Data for other actions not specified above, we will send a notice to you to indicate the needed information and will request for your consent first in case permission is needed.


6.4   In the case that we need to collect your Personal Data in order to comply with the laws or agreement or it is necessary to provide Personal Data to enter into an agreement and you are not able to make provision when requested, we may not be able to fulfill the relevant objectives above.


7.          Disclosure of Personal Data

7.1   We may disclose your Personal Data to the third parties who collect, use or disclose them for the Purposes of this Policy. You can read the privacy policies of those third parties to learn more about how they collect, use or disclose your Personal Data, for which you also are under those separate privacy policies.


7.2   We may disclose your Personal Data under the Purposes of this Policy to the following third parties.

(A)   Affiliated Companies of Toyota: As we are part of the companies in Toyota Group, which cooperate in providing services to the customers and in servicing various systems, we may need to transfer your Personal Data to the following affiliated companies or allow them to access your Personal Data for the Purposes mentioned above.

1)     Toyota Daihatsu Engineering & Manufacturing Company Limited

2)     Siam Toyota Manufacturing Company Limited

3)     Toyota Auto Works Company Limited

4)     Toyota Auto Body (Thailand) Company Limited

5)     Toyota Body Service Company Limited

6)     Toyota Automotive Technological Company Limited

7)     Toyota Leasing (Thailand) Company Limited

8)     Ratchamongkol Rice Company Limited

9)     Auction Express Company Limited

10)   Hino Motor Manufacturing (Thailand) Company Limited

11)   Toyota Motor Corporation (Japan)

12)   Toyota Motor Asia Pacific (Singapore) Company

(B)   Toyota, Lexus and Toyota Sure Car Dealers: We may share and receive your Personal Data from the dealers and the car service centers that you choose or that are near you to provide services to you. You can see more information at, and

(C)   Our Service Providers: We may share your Personal Data with the service providers or the third-party service-providers to offer various services on our behalf or to help provide products and services to you, including but not limited to

1)     Logistics and transportation service providers,

2)     Emergency roadside assistance service providers,

3)     Companies that provide market research and survey services,

4)     Analysis services companies,

5)     Companies that provide marketing services, advertising media, creative design and communication services,

6)     Telecommunications and communication service providers, and

7)     Data storage and cloud service providers.

(D)   Our Business Partner Companies: They are in and outside the country, such as Fix Fit express repair shop, the manufacturers and suppliers of automotive spare parts, car rental business, insurance business, financial institution business, retail business, telecommunication business, restaurant businesses, etc., which may join us to offer products or services to you.

(E)   Third Parties as Required by Law: In some cases, we may have to disclose or share your Personal Data in order to comply with the laws or regulations, including compliance with the  law enforcement agencies, courts, competent officials, government offices or other third parties in the event that we believe we need to comply with the legal duties or regulations or need to protect our rights, rights of others or the safety of people or to investigate, prevent or manage fraud, stability or security issues.

(F)   Advisors: They include lawyers, technical officials and account auditors who assist in our business operations and exercise the rights of claims and to defend against them.   

(G)   Assignees of Rights and / or Duties: In the case of a business rehabilitation, business merger, business transfer, either wholly or partially, sales, purchases, joint ventures, grants, transfers, or sale of part or all of a business, property or stock or other similar transactions.  


7.3   We may disclose your Personal Data to the third parties in the event that the law requires or permits. Therefore, if the law requires your consent, we will ask for your consent first.


8.     Transfer and Protection of Personal Data

8.1   Since we are part of affiliates of Toyota, there may be a transfer or forward of your Personal Data within the Group to collect, use and disclose the Personal Data for the above Purposes. This will let you access our services for the customer care, for the decision making towards the service improvement, for the development of contents or for other purposes specified in this Policy.


8.2   When your Personal Data is transferred to a Toyota affiliate overseas, we will comply with the laws in connection to them. We will also comply with the security measures to ensure the protection of your Personal Data at an adequate level and we will check to assure that the transferee in foreign countries will protect your Personal Data under the same standard of protection as that under Thai laws if necessary.


8.3   In the event that we need to transfer your Personal Data to another country, if we find that the Personal Data protection standards in that foreign country is not equal to the privacy protection regulations announced by the Commission, we will ask for your consent or use other legal bases that permit to transfer your Personal Data off Thailand.


9.          Period of Data Collection

9.1   We will collect Personal Data for as long as necessary to carry out the Purposes set out in this Policy and pursuant to our duties under law. After your Personal Data is no longer needed or no law is available to enforce the collection, we will delete or destroy those Personal Data without notifying you.


9.2   The data collection periods may vary depending on the Personal Data collection objectives. In the event that the Personal Data are used for a short period of time, for example for a particular job, for the marketing activities, or for the purpose of recruiting personnel, we may delete or destroy that information after the end of the said period.


9.3   You have the right to ask us to delete, destroy or make Personal Data non-personally identifiable in some cases unless we need to keep your Personal Data in accordance with the laws.


10.     Privacy Policy of Minors

Our products, services, and websites do not have the goal or intent to collect Personal Data from minors under 20 years of age, quasi-incompetent persons and incompetent persons. If you are one of those people who want to contact us, you must obtain the consent of the parent stipulated by law, legal guardian or guardian before contacting us or providing us with your personal information.


11.      Dealers of Toyota, Lexus and Toyota Sure

TMT and its dealers are separate legal entities and each have its own privacy policy. If you have any questions about the dealer's Personal Data protection practices and / or if you don't want to receive news updates, public relations, communication and sale promotion of products or services provided by a dealer not related with TMT, please contact that dealer directly.


When you buy or hire purchase a car from a dealer, it will disclose your Personal Data to us. The dealer and us are separate legal entities and you should read the privacy policy of the dealer to understand its guidelines and procedures of the personal information protection. This is because dealers in general are often the first contact channel for you. The dealer is therefore able to provide you with answers regarding the protection of the Personal Data, and although TMT encourages the dealers to check that they comply with the Personal Data protection laws in full and TMT provides the information about the Personal Data protection duties to those dealers, TMT is not responsible for the dealers’ compliance with the applicable laws.


12.     Rights in your Personal Data

You have the following rights in your Personal Data that are in our possession. If you wish to exercise your rights, you can contact us pursuant to the details in the topic "Contact Us" above.

12.1   Right of Access / obtain record

You may request to access or to know the details of the personal information you have provided to us except for the case of denial by law or court order or except for the case that the access or request to access will make damage to the rights and liberty of others.


12.2   Rights to Rectification Data

You have the right to request for the correction of your Personal Data if those that are in our possession are wrong or incomplete.


12.3   Rights to Erasure Data

You can request us to delete or destroy your Personal Data or make them unidentifiable to you in any of the following cases.

(A)   The Personal Data that are no longer necessary for the purposes of collection or use.

(B)   The Personal Data for which you have withdrawn your consent for us to collect, use and disclose and we have investigated to find no legal basis for us to make further collection or use.

(C)   The Personal Data that you have objected that we should not further collect nor use them and we cannot reject the objection with valid legal exceptions.

(D)   The Personal Data that you have objected to collect, use or disclose for direct marketing purposes.

(E)   The Personal Data are collected, used and disclosed illegally.


You have the right to request for the deletion or destruction of the personal information you have provided above except for the cases of legal exceptions such as collecting for the purpose of agreement performance or establishing legal claims, compliance with the legal claims, using to fight against the legal claims or other purposes specified by laws.


12.4   Rights to Restrict Use

         You have the right to ask us to suspend the use of your Personal Data in any of the following cases:

(A)   You have requested us to correct your Personal Data to be current or complete, and we are in the process of reviewing your request.

(B)   You have requested to suspend the use of information that we may collect, use or disclose illegally rather than delete or destroy it.

(C)   We have no collecting purpose to collect your Personal Data but you have asked us to store it for the establishment, compliance and exercise of legal claims or for defense against legal claims for your benefit.

(D)   You have objected to the collection, use, or disclosure of your Personal Data for the reason of public interest or the use of state power or legal benefits; and we are in the process of reviewing your request.

(E)   You have objected to the collection, use or disclosure of your Personal Data based or with citation on scientific, historical or statistical research (if any); and we are in the process of reviewing your request.


12.5   Right to Object

You have the right to object the collection, use or disclosure of the Personal Data in the following cases.

(A)   They are for legitimate interests of ours or of other people.

(B)   They are for the public benefit or the use of state power that has been given to us.

(C)   They are for direct marketing purposes.

(D)   They are for scientific, historical or statistical research purposes (if any).


If you exercise the right to object the collection, use or disclosure of such Personal Data, you can also request us to delete them or restrict such use.


12.6   Right to Transfer

You are entitled to receive your Personal Data that we have collected by requesting us to send you such information in a document or electronic form unless the data transfer cannot be implemented because of the limitations of our procedures.


12.7   Right to Withdraw Consent

You have the right to withdraw the consent to collect, use or disclose the Personal Data if you give the said consent to us except for the cases of the restriction on such withdrawing rights by law or by our contractual performance duties that are of interest to you. Withdrawing your consent will not affect the collecting, using, or disclosing of the Personal Data that you have already given consent to.


12.8   Right to Make Complaints

You have the right to issue complaints about the collection, use, and disclosure of the Personal Data. In the event that we violate or do not comply with the law, you can make a complaint through our contact methods and you may make a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Commission.


13.   Amendments to this Policy

13.1   We may amend this Policy from time to time in accordance with the change of use of your Personal Data and in accordance with the applicable laws. We will notify you about the changed policy via our contact methods.


13.2   We will use the latest version of this Policy for reference on how to collect, use and disclose your Personal Data.

This Policy comes into effect on 27 May 2020 and supersedes all of our privacy policies earlier designated.