1. Background

The service terms and conditions stated herein are for a person registering and providing data (hereinafter referred to as “the Customer”) to understand the terms and conditions relating to the registration to receive data related to their interests and vehicles as well as price quotations and test drive sessions from Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) together with Dentsu (Thailand) LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Dentsu (Thailand) LTD.) Therefore, please read these terms and conditions carefully before clicking “Accept.” By clicking “Accept” it is deemed that you have acknowledged and consented to the said terms and conditions.

2. Collection, Use, and Disclosure of the Customer’s Data

1) Collection, use, and disclosure of the Customer’s data

The Company and Dentsu (Thailand) LTD. shall collect your data upon your providing personal data through the Company’s website, Facebook, social media, or other online platforms. Such data shall be collected mainly for the purpose of providing services. You can check additional details of the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data from the Company’s Privacy policy.

2) Collection of cookies

The Company and Dentsu (Thailand) LTD.  use cookies technology. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your browser to collect data of navigation on the website, give ratings to you as a visitor, and check frequencies of your website visits for improvement of your user service experience. The Customer can avoid cookies in one’s browser by choosing not to accept the use of cookies through that browser.

3. Data Security

Realizing the importance of the security of your personal data, the Company keeps your data confidential and safe and has, as required by law, taken appropriate measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized use, access, disclosure, or loss.

4. Privacy Policy, Collection and Use of User Data, and Data Ownership

1) Dentsu (Thailand) LTD.  in its capacity as “the Data Processor” shall collect, use or disclose your personal data as instructed by the Company in its capacity as “the Data Controller.”

2) The Company and Dentsu (Thailand) LTD.  shall collect, use or disclose your personal data on the legal basis and shall strictly comply with provisions in the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (A.D.2019) and relevant laws.

3) The Company and Dentsu (Thailand) LTD.  shall take relevant measures according to personal data protection standards to prevent any leak or loss of personal data. The Company and Dentsu (Thailand) LTD.  shall not disclose, sell, or exchange your personal data to the Company’s non-affiliates; and shall conduct operations according to objectives specified in the Company’s Privacy policy only.

4) The Company shall own the personal data collected according to these terms and conditions.

5) The Company shall have the right to disclose your personal data to government or security-related agencies upon their requests as required by law.

6) You can check additional details of the Company’s Privacy policy available at the website https://www.lexus.co.th/en/miscellaneous/legal-privacy.html You can also contact the Company via the website https://www.toyota.co.th/en/contact; or send an email to the Company at [email protected]; or call the Company at (66) 0-2386-2000 Press 2 (or the toll-free number of 1800-238444 for other provinces than Bangkok by using landline phones, 24 hours.) Business hours are Monday to Friday, 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

5. Applicable Laws

The terms and conditions stated herein shall be governed and interpreted by Thai laws. If any part of these terms and conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable, it shall not affect the validity of the entire terms and conditions.


These terms and conditions shall be effective from 27 May 2020 onwards.

Terms and Conditions for Lexus Online Sales

This term-and-condition certificate (hereinafter is referred to as “Terms and Conditions” are for making a transaction in the website https://www.lexus.co.th (hereinafter “Lexus Online Sales”) of Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Toyota”).

Please read these terms and conditions carefully, so you can understand the pertaining rights and duties before registering to use the service. While the service user of Lexus Online Sales (hereinafter “Service User” or “You”) has to sign it is considered you confirm to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by it. Moreover, if you disagree with it, close the registering page shall be considered terminating the website utilization.

Clause 1. Scope and service

1.1 Lexus Online Sales website provides the service by Toyota with its head office situated at No. 186/1 Village No. 1, Thang Rotfai Sai Koa Road, Samrong Tai Sub-district, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan Province 10130.

1.2 Lexus Online Sales has the objective to provide online service and convenience to the general public for the reservations of a Lexus car with a distributor, including receiving data, news, contents and services involved with it and the relevant services, included but not limited to,

    - An appointment for a test drive.

    - Calculation of the installments.

    - Online purchasing.

1.3 Toyota is not the distributor and/or provide the service to the user directly, but merely an intermediary in the development of the website as another channel for the car reservation, and refer a purchase order to the distributor as specified by the service user. Thereby, Lexus distributor is still the seller and/or provider of the services to the service user directly.

Clause 2 Online car registration

2.1 In the car reservation registration, you acknowledge that there could be a request to reveal your personal information, e.g. name-surname, cellphone number, email, ID card or other information as requested via the page while executing the items. It includes other data as required by law, or necessity for the reservation registration.

2.2 You agree and accept that the registration via the Lexus Online Sales is considered to be a request to use the Toyota services, includes the services by the companies within the group of Toyota and its trade allies, or the Toyota outside service providers. Furthermore, you agree and accept that Toyota can process your personal data, identity confirmation and verification. It may include recording or storing your data as per the details specified in the reservation registration to make a transaction via the Lexus Online Sales.

2.3 You hereby certify that the data used in the registration, including a later revision is the correct, complete and updated one, and belonging to you. Moreover, you have the legal rights and capabilities to use the service and doing any involved transactions.

Clause 3. Selection of the car, online reservation, distributor and reservation payment as well as refunding

3.1 You can select the car you want (model, grade and color), which you can reserve it by one car at a time.

3.2 The service user has to select the car distributor; meanwhile, the website page shall show the entire distributors as the default.

3.3 After you have paid for the reservation, and Toyota has received the reservation data, the Lexus distributor shall check your reservation and confirm it to you via the email.

3.4 In the online reservation, it is required you paying for it in the specified amount via the online transfer or other payment channels.

3.5 As for the down payment (in the case of taking a loan) or paying for the remaining amount (if paying cash) you have to pay directly to the Lexus distributor who you choose to accept the car.

3.6 When there is a change or cancellation, the customer can contact the selected Lexus distributor directly. Meanwhile, you will receive an email notifying it when there is a change or cancellation of the reservation.

3.7 As for the details on the gifts and additional equipment (if any), including providing the loan service the distributor shall be contacted when you select it directly after you deposit the reservation fee already.

Clause 4 Service user's data collection and data use

4.1 Toyota shall collect your data, including the following information:

    4.1.1 Personal details, e.g. name-surname, occupation, data on the card issued by a government agency (e.g. ID card number) and other ID card data, etc.

    4.1.2 Contact details, e.g. telephone number, email address.

    4.1.3 Cookies, due to Toyota uses the technology from the cookies, in which a small data is to be stored in the browser of the service user to collect the data upon the website visit, evaluation of the website visitors and checking the frequency on the website visit to be used for improving the service.

4.2 Personal data collected by Toyota can be used and disclosed to a third party involved with the Lexus Online Sales for the following objectives:

    4.2.1 Disclosure of your personal data to the Lexus distributor to provide the products and services to you, e.g. a reservation for a driving test, car delivery, etc. while you can view such the Lexus distributor data at https://www.Lexus.co.th.

    4.2.2 Disclosure for the management of the Toyota customer data and the hopeful customers.

    4.2.3 Disclosure to give data on the products, services and special privileges that are benefits or marketing public relations via the contact channel that the service user notifies, e.g. sending an e-Newsletter, or giving advice for a particular person from using a particular data as Toyota receives from the data collection.

Nevertheless, if you want to cancel the e-Newsletter, you can do so by clicking “cancellation for the e-Newsletter” at its page bottom.

    4.2.4 Disclosure to help Toyota in developing and improving the offers, special rights, services and the various sales promotions to be able to respond to the demand of the service users even more.

4.3 Toyota is aware of the personal data safety on its customers, which it shall keep it confidential and safe, and provide measures on personal data protection under the lawful requirements to provide suitable protection for it. It shall be prevented from an abuse, unauthorized use and revelation or loss of information.

4.4 You give consent to Toyota on collection, processing, application, storage, disclosure and transfer of the personal data in Thailand and overseas as specified in the terms and conditions. It may include utilization by a third party who is a service provider, and for the purpose of the online car reservation, including other services and products.

4.5 Ownership of the personal data and the various rights involved

    4.5.1 Toyota is the owner of the personal data that are collected pertaining to these terms and conditions:

    4.5.2 You have the right to revise, update or cancel your personal data all the time by contacting Toyota. However, such the cancellation of the personal data can affect some service items that may be also canceled in the future.

4.6 You can check the details on the Toyota privacy policy additionally via the https://www.lexus.co.th/th/miscellaneous/legal-privacy.html. Moreover, you can contact Toyota via the https://www.toyota.co.th/en/contact, or by email at [email protected] and can call its call center 1486, 24 hours.

Clause 5. Responsibilities for the service user

Any transactions conducted via Lexus Online Sales by using your name as the service user, regardless of committed by you or other people, you agree to consider to be your correct action. Moreover, you agree to take responsibility for such the actions as if you used it by yourself. In addition, you agree that Toyota shall not take responsibility for any damage that can occur to you or a third party from using the Lexus Online Sales, regardless of the reason.


Clause 6. Stopping the business temporarily

In the following cases, Toyota can stop its activities temporarily without notifying the service users

    6.1 In the case the Lexus Online Sales has a scheduled maintenance, or in case of emergency.

    6.2 In the case the Lexus Online Sales is incapacitated due to a fire, outages or natural disasters, e.g. earthquake, volcano eruption, flood, tidal wave, etc.

    6.3 In other cases that Toyota has necessity to stop the activity due to the technical or operational problems.

Clause 7. Limits on the liability

7.1 Toyota takes neither responsibilities nor duties for the services or news provided by other participating service providers

7.2 In the case there is a conflict between the service user and the participating operators, both of whom have to address the problems between themselves, while the service user cannot make a claim or complaint against Toyota.

7.3 Toyota needs not be liable for the possible damage occurs or due to failing in the participation in the activities.


Clause 8. Changing of the service terms and conditions

8.1 Toyota reserves the right to change and revise these terms and conditions, and when it does so shall present the new ones for you to accept them. Moreover, if you accept such the new terms and conditions, they shall take effect promptly, or as specified in such the terms and conditions. However, should you disagree with the new terms and conditions, you could reject them.

8.2 Toyota reserves the right to revise or update the website from time to time, and can change such the service, functions and contents all the time without advance notice.

Clause 9. Intellectual property

The various contents appear on Lexus Online Sales, i.e. the system of the website, pictures, graphs, videos, graphics, music and voices or other things collectively called “Contents” to be protected as a Toyota intellectual property. They are protected legal rights, which you cannot reproduce, adapt, delete, add, disseminate, sell and adapt to other work products, regardless of in whole or in part, except by explicit permission from Toyota or the authorized person.

Clause 10. The applicable laws and general requirements

These terms and conditions subject to the law of Thailand, and they are the entire agreement between the contractual parties as refer the subject per se. Nevertheless, should any terms and conditions are adjudicated to be invalid or inapplicable, but the remaining parts still can be fully applicable. The service user cannot transfer the various rights or duties pertaining thereto to a third party without prior consent in writing from Toyota.

These terms and conditions take effect from 21 March 2023 onward.

I have read, understood, acknowledged and agreed to be bound by the various details in these terms and conditions, including the Toyota privacy policy. Moreover, l have the right to revoke the consent, collection, applicability and disclosure of the personal data as per this document all the time by sending a request through the channel specified in the Toyota privacy policy.