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18 Jul 2018

The L GALLERIA by LEXUS; Luxury Lifestyle in the Style of Lexus


 “We don’t just transport people; we transport their senses”

The statement was made by Mr. Akio Toyoda, Chief Branding Officer & Master Driver of Lexus, making it obvious that Lexus’s philosophy of attentiveness to craft automotive luxury is not only aimed at delivering automotive perfection but also at offering an unsurpassed ownership experience to all its customers. 

Today, the essence of the above statement has clearly been reflected at THE L GALLERIA by LEXUS, where Thailand’s top innovators from different industries are invited to interpret “LEXUS SENSES” embodied in this lifestyle space from their perspectives. They are going to talk about their view and tell you what you’ll be missing without paying a visit to this wonderful haven.



"Chatchawal Chantachotibutr - LEICA Thailand Brand Ambassador”


“Lexus connects the carmaker, the car and its driver through time, shape and reflection.”

"Chatchawal Chantachotibutr - LEICA Thailand Brand Ambassador”


Mr.Chat -  Chatchawal Chantachotibutr, LEICA Thailand Brand Ambassador, was in charge of the photos displayed at THE L GALLERIA by LEXUS, using three Lexus models — LC 500, LS 500h and RX300. 


“My interpretation was based on the feeling I experienced with Lexus, and the concepts of time, shape and reflection were developed as a result. What I see is the close connection between the carmaker, the car and the driver. From the time perspective, I was imagining the considerable amount of time it would take to amazingly innovate and elaborately craft an automotive masterpiece of perfection like this. On the other hand, for the driver, it’s a matter of precious experience he must enjoy with the car he owns; the more he gets to know car, the more amazed he feels. From the shape perspective, I wish to narrate how the gracefully sharp lines and curves make the car stand out from the crowd. To me, every styling element is inspired by the true essence of Lexus’s brand personality. Finally, from the reflection perspective, the distinctive personality of the car reflects the character of those who own it. The series of photos, therefore, express the dynamic movement of the car and its driver, and how this evolves into luxury lifestyle and superior ownership experience.





“Lexus makes innovation and craftsmanship a perfect combination.”

The sense of Lexus is encapsulated by EUREKA Nitro Coffee, a café renowned for its innovative approach to coffee making while maintaining the great delicacy of traditional coffee culture.  This is where innovation and craftsmanship blend in harmony in the exclusive drink called “Nitro Geisha Cold Brew.”

“At the core of Lexus is its relentless commitment to innovation and meticulous attention to detail — analogous to the distinctive nature of Japanese culture. This is indeed an epitome of innovation developed in absolute harmony with craftsmanship. We therefore chose to reflect this in what we call “Nitro Geisha Cold Brew.” Thanks to Panama Geisha — the world’s best coffee beans — roasted by professionals, the rich taste derived from Nitro cold brew, the fruit juice freshly blended and the exciting soda shaken up, this crafted drink will definitely deliver an unforgettably exceptional coffee experience to you. It’s no exaggeration to say we spare no expense sourcing only the best ingredients while the approach to crafting the drink is literally innovative. As we’re motivated by the desire to serve only the very best coffee, only qualified ingredients such as quality sugar and truly fresh guava juice are selected to be added. That’s because we don’t just sell drinks; we also seek to instill Lexus’s philosophy of attentiveness into the drinks we sell.”




“Lexus encompasses luxury, elegance and unique charm—a precious legacy of Oriental wisdom and philosophy.”

VUUDH, one of the most world-renowned lifestyle fragrance makers from Thailand, was chosen to deliver the scent permeating the area within the L GALLERIA by LEXUS. Similarly influenced by the same elaborate Oriental philosophy behind its innovation as Lexus’s, VUUDH crafts the exclusive scent that subtly touches the sense of refinement for Lexus. 

“Since both VUUDH and LEXUS are luxury products from Asia, the exclusive scent we craft for Lexus must be reminiscent of the unique Scent of Asia, with a sense of luxury in the style of Lexus added to highlight the unparalleled elegance and understated luxury unique to the brand. To this end, the relaxing Japanese YUZU aroma is mixed with warm, energizing essential oil from ginger to create a scent made exclusive for The L GALLERIA by LEXUS, in homage to Lexus’s luxury heritage.”




“The aesthetics of sound is designed to deliver Amazing Experience just like when you are cruising in a Lexus.”

Mark Levinson is the only name we trust when it comes to acoustic perfection. The premium brand was first introduced to the LS 430 model in 2001, and since then, Lexus owners have been impressed by the concert hall-like sound atmosphere that thrills their senses like no other. This pinnacle of acoustic entertainment is engineered to exceed all expectations—in line with the Japanese philosophy of Omotenashi.     

At The L GALLERIA by LEXUS, it’s not only a matter of harnessing Mark Levinson’s technology, but also a matter of “Why Mark Levinson” is harnessed. In addition to this, we aim to welcome you to the acoustic excellence meticulously crafted in the Sound Bar, where the world’s legendary sound precision maker Mark Levinson provides a superior acoustic environment through its exhilarating premium audio system, vinyl sheets and audio react effects.



“The L GALLERIA by LEXUS tells you just how the philosophy of Omotenashi is actually embraced in a Lexus car.”

One of the nation’s leading interior design firms, Apostrophy’s is taking on the role in conveying the sense of Lexus through space. When it comes to the brand Lexus, there seems to be no better word to describe its identity than “Omotenashi”, which refers to the Japanese hospitality.  

“Well, I knew “Omotenashi”, but I didn’t really understand how this philosophy could be incorporated into a car until I experienced a Lexus car myself. What I feel is the car treats me truly warmheartedly—be it the seats which are an ergonomic feat that welcomes me with the sense of utmost comfort, the steering wheel that feels as if it were part of my hands, or the intelligent interior functions that remind me of my warm living room, rather than the inside of a car. Regardless of whether you are the driver or a passenger, you’ll sense the mood and feel the energy when you are in a Lexus. Likewise, I designed the space in The L GALLERIA by LEXUS so everyone will feel exactly the same as when they embark on a journey with Lexus.”