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01 Sep 2019

LEXUS ELITE CLUB: Mandarin Oriental Shop

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with Mooncakes from The Mandarin Oriental Shop. Lexus Elite Club Member receives a complimentary mooncake box at The Mandarin Oriental Shop on the application from 1st – 13th September 2019

A box includes 8 pieces in 4 flavors:

1. Custard

2. Durian with Egg Yolk

3. Lotus seed with Egg Yolk and Flax seed

4. Dried Tangerine

How to Redeem

· Get code on this application and present your code to shop staff for verification.

(Redemption Code is valid within 23:59 hours on the day you press “Redeem”)

· Please contact shop staff for reservation and proceed with redemption before using the privilege.


· The company reserves the right to decline the change of mooncake flavors.

· Privilege cannot be exchanged for cash or voucher.

· Luxury Privilege is available for members with the first 4-year of car ownership from delivery date.

· Members with the first 4-year of car ownership are able to redeem Luxury Privilege 4 privileges / Car / membership year

· Lexus Elite Club membership status will be available for the first 4-year Lexus car ownership. Members have to reactivate membership every year afterwards to receive Lifestyle Privilege.

· The company reserves the right to change the terms & conditions without prior notice.

· Images used for advertising purposes only.

· Number of monthly privileges are limited.



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